8 Ways That Can Completely Change Your Life

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7 proven steps that enabled us to feel joy again.

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Hint: it has little to do with money. It’s your emotional state.

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You may find the book you’re looking for in my 2020 list.

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This is why gratitude will give you much joy this Christmas season.

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  • Our recent Thanksgiving festivities did not resemble what we have known so far.
  • This Christmas will be different too.

4 simple ways that helped me become confident.

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Stoping your comparison game will enable you to live the life of your dreams.

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You can be happy and fulfilled while waiting for your soulmate.

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The answer is simple and yet profound.

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#2 - I rewrote my objectives every day


David Brühlmann

Biotech consultant, humanitarian and writer. Passionate about inspiring singles to become influencers at https://singleinfluencer.com

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