8 Ways That Can Completely Change Your Life

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A pastor once asked his congregation, “Why do we do Easter bunnies?” Wearing a smile, he said, “Because when they arrested Jesus, His disciples got so afraid that they fled like the Runaway Bunny.”

Jesus’ story is impressive — to say the least. He lived 33 years, stayed single His entire life, never wrote a book, and did not run for political office.

His relationship status gives hope to an increasing population of singles all around the world.

Jesus is the most remarkable ‘singleinfluencer’ who has ever lived on…

7 proven steps that enabled us to feel joy again.

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While we don’t have the added pressures of home-schooling kids and forbearance required for living with a partner 24/7, being single and living alone during Covid does come with its challenges.

Being unable to spend time with friends, family, and work colleagues takes a toll on us. We didn’t realize how much nourishment we got out of regular and even mundane interactions — from making small talk with the boxing instructor to engaging colleagues in business meetings.

Let’s face it: being single can be challenging.

Amid the worldwide pandemic, it became much more difficult.

If we are not careful, we…

Hint: it has little to do with money. It’s your emotional state.

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Do you want to make more money? Have you invested in the best stock-market strategies or lucrative real estate deals? Or are you looking into gold to hedge the currency devaluation?

What comes next might catch you by surprise. To make millions, don’t focus on the money.

Yes, correct. It’s not about the money.

Focus on yourself instead.

Focus on your state of happiness.

The person you’re becoming determines your likelihood to make millions.


Happy People Make More Money

In her book…

You may find the book you’re looking for in my 2020 list.

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If you ask successful business people, famous authors, and thought leaders about reading, they all agree that reading is essential.

I have absorbed priceless knowledge in the many books I have read so far.

Are you wondering what book to add to your 2021 reading list? I’m sure you’ll find a few books that arise your interest among the books I read in 2020.

For your convenience, I highlighted in bold my preferred books. The list is in chronological order.

2020 Reading List

This is why gratitude will give you much joy this Christmas season.

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The word change characterizes this particular year 2020. Despite the massive changes, at least two things are sure:

  • Our recent Thanksgiving festivities did not resemble what we have known so far.
  • This Christmas will be different too.

You now have two choices to make.

  1. You focus on what you have missed out on and perhaps on what you still will this year.
  2. You embrace the change, looking forward to new things — potentially better things — you will…

4 simple ways that helped me become confident.

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It was an ordinary day at work. When arriving at my office, I thought it would be like every day: saying hello to my colleagues, working on my preferred project, and having a blast drinking a coffee during the break.

But when I saw the face of my supervisor, I knew something was wrong. “David, your Ph.D. supervisor decided to retreat from his contractual obligations,” he said.

I had just begun my industrial Ph.D. project at a global company and would have never expected such a scenario.

It was the worst-case scenario.

“How in the world am I going to…

Stoping your comparison game will enable you to live the life of your dreams.

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The other day, I discovered I might have missed an opportunity for a romantic relationship. A good friend said, “We all tried so hard to hook you up with Julie. She told us she really liked you, and we all thought you would have been such a great couple.”

I was shocked.

It never occurred to me that Julie was interested in me romantically, not even for a single minute. We were friends — nothing more. …

You can be happy and fulfilled while waiting for your soulmate.

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Are you struggling to find your soulmate?

Do you regret your missed chances?

Are you wondering how you would be able to survive with your teddy bear you hug every day?

Could it be you don’t get why you can’t find real love?

We all have questions. I do too.

The other day, I ran into a girl, let’s call her Jennifer, a good friend of mine when I was younger. I always considered her…

The answer is simple and yet profound.

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People rub off. Hence, choose the people you want to spend time with. Like me, you may have received this kind of advice. It’s good advice. Your company defines you.

And that’s why most people will never be successful.

I am thankful because my parents and my friends made me aware of the danger of bad company. I have seen bad examples. Classmates chose to smoke pot all day with their “chill” friends. A friend who lost his life because of an overdose. Someone who dated the wrong person.

Thinking about it, I get angry and sad at the same…

#2 - I rewrote my objectives every day


I have been a fan of setting objectives for many years. And yet, I underestimated the power of writing down specific and ambitious goals. This year — a particular year — I followed the advice of my mentors.

I focused on a few big hairy audacious goals. Long story short. I have achieved more in the past six months — since the beginning of the year — than in an entire year, and sometimes in two to three years combined.

In this article, you will discover…

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Biotech consultant, humanitarian and writer. Passionate about inspiring singles to become influencers at https://singleinfluencer.com

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