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Christmas is around the corner. And with that, you may feel worried that you’ll have to spend the wonderful holiday season alone.

Home alone at Christmas seems the most likely scenario for you?

You don’t feel like singing, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” on your own? …

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“It’s not about the bunny; it’s about the lamb.” — Unknown

A pastor once asked his congregation, “Why do we do Easter bunnies?” Wearing a smile, he said, “Because when they arrested Jesus, His disciples got so afraid that they fled like the Runaway Bunny.”

Jesus’ story is impressive —…

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While we don’t have the added pressures of home-schooling kids and forbearance required for living with a partner 24/7, being single and living alone during Covid does come with its challenges.

Being unable to spend time with friends, family, and work colleagues takes a toll on us. We didn’t realize…

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The word change characterizes this particular year 2020. Despite the massive changes, at least two things are sure:

  • Our recent Thanksgiving festivities did not resemble what we have known so far.
  • This Christmas will be different too.

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving? With your loved ones? Alone? Not at all…

David Brühlmann

Biotech consultant, humanitarian and writer. Passionate about inspiring singles to become influencers at

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